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Promotional Flags

Large Banner Flags

For advertisement outside shopping malls, auto retailers and petrol stations, at sport events and grand openings, on the beach, at trade shows, along roadsides etc. the “Promotion Flag” is the perfect messenger. Its movement with the wind makes it much more eye-catching as compared to a fixed message. Use a number of flags in a row and create a walk way of promotions.


Top quality hardware for long-term outdoor use

  Four sizes/pole heights – 8.5, 11.2, 14.9 and 18.5 ft

  Two flag designs (Wing and Teardrop)

  A large selection of “flag pole holders”

  1 year warranty



Item 10208 - Pole length: 8.5 ft.

Item 10200 - Pole length: 11.2 ft.

Item 10201 - Pole length: 14.9 ft.

Item 10202 - Pole length: 18.5 ft.