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Item                                          Size

10196  2x2 (Tabletop)               60 x 60"

10197  1x3                                31 x 89.2"

10194  2x3                                60 x 89.2"

10198  3x3                                89.2 x 89.2"

10195 4x3                                118.3 x 89.2"

10198  5x3                                146 x 89.2"

10192  6x3 (no case)                176.75 x 89.2"

10193 7x3 (no case)                202.25 x 89.2"

10199  8x3 (no case)                234.3 x 89.2"

10187  4x4 (no case)                118.3 x 118.3"

10777  7x4 (no case)                207.5 x 118.3"

Stretch Fabric Kit

A display wall in less than a minute

The Stretch Fabric Kit offers the quickest and easiest way to set up and display a seamless large graphic print. Ideal for use at all types of events including trade shows and step-and-repeat situations. When time is a decisive factor, Stretch is the best available solution. The graphic is printed by dye sublimation on a stretch fabric material, and is then attached to the pop-up kit with Velcro® tape. In erecting the system, the fabric is automatically stretched and a smooth surface is achieved. The printed fabric remains attached to the system also during take-down and storage. LED lights are available to complement this elegant display (sold separately).  It can’t be any quicker or easier!

   Instantly ready to show

   Robust construction with excellent stability

   Seamless full-color fabric graphics – always attached!

   Lightweight for easy transport and installation

   Available in many sizes and configurations

   Carry bag included with most units, depending on size

   Hard cases sold separately

   Dye sublimation graphics sold separately

   1 year warranty

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